Comic Update: An Event Apart Boston

July 06, 2008

Perhaps it was unwise for me to create the newest comic, as I hope to attend An Event Apart eventually, and poking fun at the event’s creators/hosts/organizers (Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman) isn’t exactly the best way to go about doing that. However, I will admit, the first time I saw Zeldman in person, at Web Directions North ’08, I couldn’t help but think “Gee, give him an axe and some chain mail and he’d fit right in in Khazad-dûm.” Mind you, I’m referencing the place when it was home to the dwarves, not its later days as Moria, home to a bunch of jerk orcs.

I’m not sure if that distinction is helping my case.

I did not, in fact, attend AEA: Boston. I greatly wish I had, but such was not meant to be.

Thanks to the very nature of the conference’s attendees (aka web people), though, I do get the opportunity to experience a great deal of information about what it was like to attend! There are flickr feeds, detailed blog posts about attendeesimpressions of the event, summaries of each session’s relevant info (quite a few good ones by Luke Wroblewski), and slides being shared by the presenters. This is in addition to the various conglomeration of tweets that occurred during the conference itself, forming a real-time record of what was happening, while it was happening.

I’m still getting around to sitting down and trying to digest this cornucopia of second-hand information. With the speed at which technology changes, I can’t help but feel that there’s no such thing as taking a month off learning more about the industry I’m in. It’s a never-ending process. That’s why I think conferences like AEA are so important, as it provides a continually-refreshing wellspring of new, relevant views and information about what we do.

One piece of data that I have had the chance to digest, however, is the frequently repeated opinion that Jared Spool is an amazing speaker. I can agree, as I had the pleasure of listening to him at WDN08. I don’t know how someone can have that much energy when talking about user interfaces, but I’m glad he does, because it keeps the rest of us interested about the topic, which is admittedly pretty important.

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2 Responses to “Comic Update: An Event Apart Boston”

  1. I think I just found my new look.

    And maybe, just maybe, I’ll manage to convince Jeffrey that he’s found his.

  2. I think a battle-axe and a large, braided beard can do a lot for a person’s image.