Comic Update: The HTML5 Super Friends

September 08, 2009

Today’s comic, which features a massive ensemble cast of Jeffrey Zeldman, Dan Cederholm, Jeremy Keith, Eric Meyer, Ethan Marcotte, Tantek Çelik, Nicole Sullivan and Wendy Chisholm (guest starring Chris Wilson astride a unicorn), is something like gloss and candy. It’s not tackling a serious issue. Rather, it’s tackling a humorous name created by a group of great people who are themselves tackling a serious issue.

As this photo conclusively proves, the people above (minus Chris Wilson and the unicorn) gathered in the recent past to discuss something very vital. Contrary to popular rumor, it was not the secret location of the Holy Grail or harnessing the power of cold fusion. Nay, they were instead talking about HTML5. More importantly, they were talking about HTML5 as “authors”. For pretty much anyone who reads this blog and doesn’t work for a browser manufacturer, that means you, or your son (if your my parents. Hi mom! Hi dad!)

Like the Hardy Boys, these people were industriously searching for clues, especially clues along the line of “what the hell is HTML5 anyway, and how does it apply to a web designer?” After spelunking the depths of the spec, they surfaced with two things: Firstly, they declared that it was good. Secondly, (and for my purposes, more importantly) they chose  an identity to bind them: The HTML5  Super Friends.

Today’s comic is comedic salute to their bravery and choice of identity. They’ve already done us a great deal of good by recommending alterations to the footer element (which was already a source of annoyance to yours truly) which has now come to pass.

Keep up the noble work, dear heroes.

(And in case you wanted to know, Chris Wilson’s appearance was due to his tweet here regarding the presence of the unicorn on the HTML5 Super Friends page.)

Dan Cederholm, Jeremy Keith, Eric Meyer, Ethan Marcotte, Tantek Çelik, Nicole Sullivan, Wendy Chisholm

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7 Responses to “Comic Update: The HTML5 Super Friends”

  1. I was going to suggest sticking a tacky animated gif into one of your Zeldman strips, but I figured that might be a bit much.

  2. Flawless. Victory.

  3. Smells like team spirit.

  4. @Michael – I actually considered an animated unicorn. ;)

    @Ethan – Thanks!

    @Zeldman – Mmmm. Geek team smell.

  5. Thanks Kyle for the kind words and comedic salute.

    There is still much work to be done, and I’m still optimistic about HTML5.

    Now where did I put my red skinny-jeans…

  6. Wonderful! And excellent touch with the Panic “spinner” :)

  7. @Tantek & Dan – I’m glad you guys liked it!