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What Do You Call Your Job?

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

At Mindfly, my official title is “Interactive Designer.” I’ve unofficially expanded it to “Interactive Designer & Humorist,” because my research has determined that you don’t need a special degree or oath to call yourself that. Which is more than can be said about my now-abandoned plan of adding “MD” to my title, which apparently offends members of the medical community and possibly constitutes a crime.

To complicate matters, my business cards says “Developer” on them.  This is largely because I don’t do much conversing with clients, nor am I single, so I don’t have much reason to be handing them out to impress potential clients or dates. As such, I’ve had them for long before my title change. Mind you, my title change didn’t accompany any official change in tasks, merely a redefining what I do, which according to most of my co-workers is “get preachy.”

I’d tell them what to do less if they agreed with me more.

Anyhow, this whole rumination on job title spawned tiny thoughts that crept through my head asking “What do most people in the industry call themselves?” There’s plenty of discussions or surveys on the topic, such as this question from the Web Directions State of the Web 2008 survey, in which about half the respondents called themselves “developer”.

That doesn’t really answer my question. That’s what people call themselves, within the industry, in a survey of their peers. But what do you call yourself to the outside world? When I finally landed a gig in the industry (for which I am eternally thankful to Mindfly for) I called myself a “developer”. That confused most of the people I knew, so I upgraded it to “web developer.”

As expected, I then started fielding questions about how to fix their email problems or broken cable modems.


Sweet WoW Machima – The Craft of War: BLIND

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

I’m not normally one to be reposting machima videos, but this is one of the better ones that I’ve seen in a long time, mainly because of all the custom skeletal animations being done (most WoW machimas use the standard animations throughout). It’s a great action scene focusing on the fight between two rogues. The creator (user percula on Vimeo) plans to do one showcasing each of the classes in WoW. I’m hoping she gets around to them all.

Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Rickroll Your Online Friends

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

It’s a cliche as old as time, linking what sounds like an amazing video about this leaked game or that upcoming movie or those Swedish models, and instead the anxious web user finds themselves watching Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, a cheesey 80′s song. It’s so common a phenomenon, that it has it’s own name “rickrolling”.

Well, MTV finally pulled their head out of their bad reality-tv laden arse and created MTV Music, a music video site that makes it easier than ever to trick your friends into watching bad eighties rock.

As a teenager I was in a family that didn’t really encourage rock music, let alone have the spare funds to waste on cable television, so I missed out on a lot of common reference points for pop culture. Now no longer! I can go watch all the pink and neon blue videos of the past. Even better, I can embed these gems of the codpiece era in blog posts, making other people suffer with me (or unsubscribe from my blog, I suppose.)

Welcome back to relevance, MTV.

My Brain Just Broke…

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

I definitely need a tidbits section on the sidebar for stuff like this.

Square-Enix has released an RPG for the iPod called Song Summoner. You create warriors from various songs on your iPod, and fight foes in a Final Fantasy Tactics fashion with them. Ever want to see how the Bohemian Rhapsody stacks up in mortal combat against Thriller?

Oh. And it’s only $5.

I knew the iPod was also a software platform, but this is the first time I thought of it as something that a real game (as opposed to solitaire) could be played on.