Squirrel and Moose: A Weekly Podcast

Squirrel and Moose

Every Thursday night, front end-developer and award-winning cartoonist/journalist Kyle Weems teams up with user experience designer and award winning speaker Dylan Wilbanks to discuss the issues of the week facing website-making professionals with a combination of earnest seriousness and light-hearted jesting.

The podcast is available for your listening pleasure through 3rd Avenue Radio via RSS and iTunes, along with several other fine podcasts.

Episode List

4. October 11, 2012: Requiem For A (Flash) Dream (IE10, the Death of Flash, Making Fun of the Southern Hemisphere)

3. October 04, 2012: Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s Squirrel And Moose (UX Design and Obsession With Tools)

2. September 27, 2012: Skags Alpha Beta, or The Stephanie Hobson Appreciation Society (Borderlands 2 User Experience, Testing Console Browsers)

1. September 20, 2012: It’s An Alpha, or We’ll Do It Live (iOS6, Skeumorphism, and Men Calling Women “Girl”)