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Site Construction: Getting IE6 Up To Speed

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

When my analytics started showing IE6 hits, I realized two things.

1. Even people following links from a place like (thanks for visiting!) may still be using the dread bile beast of Redmond (Internet Explorer 6 for those not following along).

2. They probably want to be able to see/use the site like everyone else.

I needed to bite the bullet and get that particular “browser” (if you can call it that) to render the site functionally, since this page is crawling with PNGs. Unfortunately, after a couple of hours of tinkering around with Dean Edwards’ IE7, things hadn’t improved much. I got the transparency I needed, but a lot of unusual bugs crept into the header (clipped elements, missing buttons, unusable navigation, etc).

So since I’m expected to work on client sites at work and I was out of time, I made a quick fix (using conditional comments and a ie6-specific stylesheet as I describe here) and for the moment the IE6 version of the site has GIFs. Ugly-edged GIFs. I could clean them up, but I think I’m going to take a page out of Andy Clarke’s book and just do a completely different look for visitors with IE6, like he does with Stuff and Nonsense.

I suppose a design that was nothing more than a giant mother nagging you to upgrade your browser wouldn’t quite be appropriate.

CSS3 Attribute Selectors: So Hot Right Now

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

As discussed here, I’m really getting into CSS3 Attribute Selectors. As mentioned earlier in my Yo-Yo post, I’ve been looking into solutions to make these guys more accessible, and I’ve come full circle to realize that I don’t need to do anything extra to incorporate them in my website and have users see them in any major browser. This is because:

1. The modern versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera all support them. (Here’s a test page at Mindfly‘s website to prove the point).

2. The Dean Edwards IE7 script DOES extend full CSS3 attribute selector support to IE6 (I’m guessing my earlier tests had an error, because now I’m showing full compliance with this second test page that includes that script (once again, at Mindfly).

The CSS3 features I’m really looking for support for now, then, are the CSS3 pseudoclasses and multiple background images. *drool* Multiple background images alone would help cut down on my markup immensely, making features such as rounded boxes so much less of a pain in the arse.


Thursday, April 24th, 2008

I’ve been getting more obsessed with attribute selectors these days. They do such delightful things, and really help me cut down on the markup I need for a site. The problem, of course, is browser compatibility. So I started working on some javascript to give IE7 the functionality for CSS3 attribute selectors.

Then I discovered to my total shock that IE7 actually does support CSS3 attribute selectors.

Someone should tell Sitepoint this, as their reference incorrectly states that it does not.

However, IE6 doesn’t support ANY attribute selectors, so I went to the blackboard again to write a script for that.

Then I discovered that Dean Edwards’ IE7 script does give IE6 attribute support. So I stopped writing my own script and went to check that out.

A while later, I discovered that the Dean Edwards script, however, does not give full support to IE6 for css3 attribute selectors. (Most notably, *= doesn’t seem to work).

So now I’m working on that script again.

I think I’m beginning to understand what a yo-yo feels like.