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Comic Update: The W3C/WHATWG Community Theater Group

Monday, July 27th, 2009

I can’t help but be shocked at times at the drama and ugliness that builds up around the HTML5 effort. Good men and women, thinking that they can make a difference, time and again enter the dangerous mailing lists of the W3C and WHAT WG only to be ignored at best or belittled and chewed to pieces. These are zones (allegedly) of collaboration, but instead seem more at times like zones of war.

Go ahead and take a look for yourselves.

I’d think that this was just me overreacting, but when I tweeted on Sunday about my thoughts on the drama in the lists, I got a number of responses that illustrate that I’m not alone in my perception.

Jin Yang indicated that popcorn was a good snack while watching the drama unfold. After I made a bar brawl analogy, David Peterson suggested that whiskey might help them calm down, and that his two year old has progressed farther in the manners department. John Foliot provided some perspective sharing that this “us & them” mentality is a relatively new thing. And Manu Sporny joked that the W3C and WHAT WG originated as community theater groups.

Naturally, his joke was comedy, not fact. But I couldn’t help but think, what if…? So today’s comic portrays Manu Sporny and the Squirrel attending a fateful showing of Our American Cousin.

I want to say that I do see a lot of polite dialogue in the lists. I’m just amazed at how much bad behavior (sometimes well dressed, mind you) makes it into the discussions. Here’s hoping the good outweighs the bad by the time Last Call rolls around.

(As a closing note, I like the term Dundrearyisms.)

Poll: If You Design and Develop, What Do You Call Yourself?

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

I’ve talked about web career job titles in the past, and how confusing they can be. However, yesterday on Unmatchedstyle’s first monthly design panel podcast (vidcast?), Jason Beaird used a word to describe himself that I’d never heard before: designeloper.

I immediately liked it.

(I also liked the fact that he read a quote from my Cuddling With Cufon post. It made me all warm and sappy.)

I liked the title so much, with its jackalope-like nature, that I tweeted about it. Immediately Jin Yang fired back with the fact that Jason was wrong, and the proper term was devsigner.

As a skills-hybrid (granted, very developer-heavy and designer-light in my case) I like the idea of fun terms to help describe those of us that simultaneously try to comprehend typography use as well as learning the newest AJAX trick. So the question that remains is what term is best? Designeloper or devsigner?

Obviously the only way to know for sure is to put the terms in a cage match on a deserted isle where they’ll determine the fate of two dimensions in a tournament to the death. But since we don’t have that option, I’ve made a poll. Please consider taking the time to answer on it.

(Poll after the jump.)