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Comic Update: Don Zeldman

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Jeffrey Zeldman was the subject of a .net interview (glossy PDF version is available here) last week. In addition to slick photos of the man himself in the PDF version, the article’s main meat is near the end, where Zeldman offers advice on surviving the crunch, which includes some basic customer-service skills that I wished was common sense to anyone in any industry, but sadly isn’t. He also includes a tidbit that mirrors advice I’ve taken to heart in the past:

“And a final piece of advice: do cool free stuff that doesn’t make you any money. It will totally grow your brand and get you clients. Putting yourself out there with your writing or your design (especially if you’re a quiet, socially shy nerd who doesn’t like going out and socialising at parties) will help a lot.”

I like that. And, frankly, I’m glad he’s done that himself. The articles and information at A List Apart was a key component from my transition of website wonkery as a side hobby to a career.

To close things up, Zeldman is called “The Godfather of CSS” in the article’s closing paragraph. Immediately my mind slipped to bad movie cliches with that, so today’s comic follows that mobster-related tact, also guest-starring Jason Santa Maria. (I know he’s not a Happy Cog employee these days, but I’m sure he still helps Zeldman out in a pinch.)

It’s a short read, so go read it. There’s some good advice in there, as well as a nice perspective on the past and future of web standards.