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Squirrelcon: The First Ever Squoose Squeetup

Friday, March 29th, 2013
Squirrelcon: The First Ever Squoose Squeetup

If you’re in Seattle on April 1st, either as a local or an attendee at AEA: Seattle, then might I politely ask you to swing past Rob Roy sometime that evening to meet up with Dylan, myself, and several other web geeks? Neither of us could attend An Event Apart this year (which is bound to be an amazing if it’s anything like every other AEA has been), but we’ll be in the neighborhood, having some drinks, eats, and incredibly geeky conversations.

We’ll be there starting at 7pm. It’s right across the street from the AEA Opening Night Party, but here’s directions just in case.

Those of you on Facebook can let us know you’re coming and ask any event-related questions over here at the event’s page.

Podcast #23: We Know You Al

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Last night Dylan Wilbanks and I recorded a new Squirrel and Moose podcast. Here’s how Dylan described it:

Dylan and Kyle delve into Faruk Ates’ idea of giving non-anonymous commenters priority in comment threads. Also, the forthcoming Squoose meetup, an in-passing X Files reference, Dylan and Kyle compare age of their oldest e-mail addresses, and almost no web content.

For those of you who will be in Seattle on Monday,  April 1st (including you AEA attendees), if you’re into hanging with Dylan, myself, and a few other web geeks for a quality evening, I suggest you attend the first Squeetup (Squirrelcon? Squoosecon? Who knows?!)

If you use Facebook, you could even let us know you’re coming, which we’d appreciate.

Follow this link to listen to Episode #23.