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Venn diagram of my work week

Thursday, March 21st, 2013
CSSquirrel #107: Venn diagram of my work week

It’s been a hell of a week.

In addition to the Kobayashi Maru situation that has become “Donglegate“, and all the other random crap that’s existed in tech culture and the world at large this week, it’s been a pretty horrid work week for me personally as well.

Today’s comic is a pair of Venn diagrams that illustrate this. Short version: I had a week scheduled out with pure, unadulterated awesome. The kind of project that excites me and makes me enjoy and love what I do. Instead, a number of typical work emergencies piled up and I was the one trapped with a number obnoxious debug tasks that were outside of my specialty and that resulted in a very long slog of poking sticks at a website in the hopes that somehow I’d be granted wisdom.

Oh, and I had a rather unexpected case of kidney stones cause me the 2nd most excruciating pain of my life on Sunday and Monday. (The greatest pain I’ve ever experienced was an abscessed tooth. You never, ever in your life want that. Trust me.)

So this week can go shoot itself in the face.

However, life goes on. And another week is around the corner (also, hey, it’s spring now in the Northern Hemisphere!)