Comic Transcript for CSSquirrel #48: Slowing Down at the Pilcrow Public House

The scene is of a cold winter day. A blue and pink semi truck is pulling up outside a pub with the sign "The Pilcrow - a public house" on it. The squirrel is getting out of the truck, which is being driven by Eric Meyer.

The squirrel enter the pub. It appears warm and inviting inside by comparison to the outdoors. Ethan Marcotte and Dan Cederholm are sitting at a table together with a couple of drinks. Ethan is reading from a book and Dan has a pink basketball.

The squirrel steps up to the bar. Elliot Jay Stocks is there, quietly drinking with a long scarf on. A large crow is behind the bar, serving the drinks.

The scene shifts to elsewhere in the bar to watch Jeremy Keith as he plays music on his bouzouki.

There is a loud crash as the semi that Eric Meyer was driving crashes through the wall by the bar.