Comic Transcript for CSSquirrel #56: Escaping SXSW

The Squirrel and Dave Shea are in a driveway where a large capsule-shaped object is sitting. It has red bands running across it, and a hatchway that is opened with a ramp. The Squirrel is standing on the ramp talking to Dave. Dave appears skeptical about something. It is evening.

The two head inside. It's a sterile-looking grey and white space. Large glowing blue lamp-like objects hang from the ceiling. The Squirrel approaches a control panel that he starts fiddling with. Dave is looking at the lights, and still appears to be uneasy.

Some time later, the Squirrel emerges from the capsule. The sky is a strange hue of orange. In the distance, a strange floating blue island has several high-tech looking domes on it. A rocket ship is flying past.