Comic Transcript for CSSquirrel #61 Push To Dispense Free Cheese

Jeremy Keith, Eric Meyer, Aaron Walters, Jared Spool, Luke Wroblewski, Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Cedarholm are in a large dungeon cell with a giant, bloody hook hanging in it. Jared and Luke are staring at the hook. Eric and Jeremy are at the cell door, where Andy Clarke is on the far side looking inside.

The scene switches to show the hall outside, where Nicole Sullivan is standing next to Andy.

The scene goes down the hallway to where Naepalm and the Squirrel are standing next to a blue podium.

The Squirrel looks closely at the two buttons on the podium. One has a hand next to a square, and shows a yellow splash with a cheese symbol coming from a tube shape. The other has a hand next to a square, and a symbol of an unfastened lock and a cell door.

Naepalm and the Squirrel are caught up in a giant tidal wave of cheese, which takes them down the hall and then washes over Nicole and Andy.