Comic Transcript for CSSquirrel #93 The Egotistical Puppet King and I

This comic is actually three seperate comics.

In the first comic the Squirrel and Naepalm the chinchilla are walking along in a sunny day outdoors. They come across Hixie (Ian Hickson) who's head has swollen like a giant balloon's. He appears to be floating higher and higher up into the air.

In the second comic we find Justin McDowell standing next to the Squirrel. The Squirrel is wearing a fancy red dress. They are being confronted by Hixie, who is dressed in an expensive suit and appears angry. They are all standing on a theatre stage that is under construction.

Hixie storms off.

In the third comic, Hixie is wearing a crown and standing in front of a castle. He appears to have strings attached to his limbs that go up into the air. A mob of people including Ethan Marcotte, Matt May, Dylan Wilbanks and the Squirrel. Several are holding torches, and storming towards the castle at night.

The mob looks to the top of the castle, where they see Google Bot holding the marionette's strings and wearing a black hat and sporting a twirly mustache.